You started your business with a HUGE passion and dream.

And vision for where it would go, who you could serve, and so excited for what was to come.

Let's fast forward.

The passion you once had flowing through your veins has almost diminished.

I get it.

As a mom of 3 under 3, I understand that you don't have time to keep wishing.

You need to start working with the right kinds of clients. (Or you are going to go #insane.)

Let me teach you how to start working with those you once dreamed of.

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I’m Melissa Mckenzie, Your branding strategist and stylist.

I'm different than your average brand designer.

I don't just give you a pretty design. I design your brand to attract your dream clients effortlessly and faster than you thought possible.

Branding is a well thought out process with lots of intention and market research behind it to see what will best communicate and target your dream clients.

With my degree, extensive training and experience, the branding that I create for you is strategic and unique to your business and your target audience.

You Are Sick Of Working With People You Can’t Stand.

And Saying Yes To Jobs Just To Pay The Bills.

You want to...

Work with clients that are amazing and who value you.

Work with clients who are dying to work with you.

Finally have that business and life that you dreamed of and set off to create.


Nothing is better than loving the job and life you have created for yourself.

Saying "no" to clients who are not the right fit for you and your business is so FREEING!

It opens up the opportunity for a waiting list of your dream clients.The ones who are dying to work with you!

 I want all this for you. Let me show you how.

Are you feeling Overwhelmed
trying to #DIY your brand?

Branding is not a simple or easy process.

Let me help you!

My branding packages, have helped dozens of women from all over the world who were previously overwhelmed and stuck with the wrong kinds of clients have transformed their business. Not only the visuals, but their traction, profit, and confidence.