Melissa founded Triple M Studios when she found out she was pregnant with twins unexpectedly in 2014 with her graphic design degree fresh and ready to be used - even if it meant using it as a small business owner from home. 

She has a unique background of being both an in-house designer, and an online business manager for a half a million dollar business. It was this role that lead her to her true passion - creating not just beautiful brands, but profitable brands.

After almost 4 years, she now runs her business from home with 3 young children, all under the age of 3. She has helped business owners from all around the world create professional, high-end and unique brands and strategize their unique brand message with them that have both transformed the perceived quality and profitability of their business. 

Triple M Studios is based in Ohio, but Melissa works virtually with clients no matter where they reside.

Melissa also teaches small business owners, who are on a budget, how to create their own brands in her brand building workshops. Get on the waiting list for her next scheduled workshop here. 

Note from melissa

I'm just a visionary who loves creating, loving on my family, and making the world a more beautiful place. My heart is for people in third world countries who are in need of clean water. I plan to donate a portion of each yearly profit to a ministry who does this.

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