I juggle many things. Not only am I business owner, but also a momma to 2 year old twins and pregnant with my third. So I truly only have time for jobs that I love and clients who are easy to work with.

Life is short and there are many stresses in it. So we might as well only fill it with things we love. We must live every moment as a choice of fueling our passion for life or not. We choose how we live our lives. Being your own boss gives you the power to have a business you are passionate about. But you have to make the choice to continue to refuel that passion. Taking jobs that you don’t desire just for the money is not working anymore.

You’re not alone. I have been there. I have done that.

I didn’t always just work with my dream clients. I too was once taking jobs just for the money. I was a freelance designer with a 4 year degree in graphic design but taking little $50 jobs designing flyers and presentations for small companies. It was BAD. I was desperate. I was embarrassed to tell people I was a graphic designer because of the jobs I was doing. My heart longed to brand businesses and design logos. Real design work. Work I was passionate about.

It took me a while to realize that the jobs I was taking in were actually hindering me from taking the jobs I really wanted.

I needed to start saying NO to the jobs I was getting offered and open the opportunity up for more work - work that I wanted. This decision felt freeing.

But guess what? I had no strategy in place. I was not communicating to my dream client and I had no idea how to get the jobs I wanted. In fact, first I needed to figure out exactly who my dream client was!!

But you know what?! After I had my plan, strategy and brand in place? The opportunities that I had once wished for and the clients I had once dreamed of started coming to me! It made me passionate about what I did again. It made me excited to work in my office and it made me feel fulfilled creatively.


Are you ready to stop wishing and
start working with those dream clients of yours?

You can radically change your life and business today!

Let's refuel that passion of yours, together!