Her Own Happy / Brand & Marketing Design

The Project Objective

To create a brand that fit more with Nicole’s business. She had once owned Business Revived which I had the honor of designing.

However, after some time of running Business Revived, Nicole shifted her message, focus, and name of her business to Her Own Happy.

She liked the orange and bold colors from her previous brand, but she wanted to take out the green, add in more grey too.

Our goal for the project was to refresh her brand colors, design a new logo and create marketing graphics for her including Social media graphics, blog post graphics, PDF design, and FB Ads.

All branded to be professional, consistent, and made with strategy to sell her premium services.

The Process

Because Nicole was a previous client who just needed an update and refresh to her brand, a lot of the beginning work already done.

Logo design process

We went straight to the logo design. I still gave her 3 custom options. The option she ended up choosing was consistent with the look of her old logo, Business Revived.

Below is the result of her new logo. 

Her Own Happy - Logo

Updating her Brand Colors

We then updated her brand colors. Because happiness is a big part of her brand, I suggested we added some yellow into her color palette. She loved the idea so we ran with it.

So we updated her brand board, and created her sub mark and favicon. Pictured below.


Marketing and Collateral Design

The next step was to make her brand collateral pieces so that she could show up in a consistent and professional way throughout every place her business shows up.

These pieces included:

  • Opt-in PDF design
  • Social media templates
  •  FB Ad graphics
  • a FB group banner
  • business page banner
  • and Pinterest/Blog graphic templates.

Branding is all about creating a consistent and predictable image of your business. This creates trust and awareness from your followers, which leads to more sales and followers. Hello, organic growth!

Once my clients website and brand are finished, I deliver them all their files they need along with a typography and brand guide so that they know how to continue making their brand consistent and on point EVERY SINGLE TIME.

The Result

Good bye homemade and pieced together design.

Hello professional, trustworthy, and strategic brand and website that is proven to get you more clients who want to pay you premium prices.  

Nicole's Results: Her Best and Most Useful Investment

"It saved me LOADS of time trying to tweak and do something I'm just not interested in. It's been one of my BEST and useful investments in my business...hands down!”

A strategically designed website is crucial for you to be making good profit in your business. It HAS to be what you think about first.

Stop putting it on the back burner.

It’s time. Are you ready?

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