Hey Hey Shawna May / Brand & Website Design

The Project Objective

To create a brand that was true to Shawna from Hey Hey Shawna May, and spoke of what she is good at and known for - selling!

She wanted bold, fresh and real.

The project included a custom logo, brand and website design, as well as all the collateral pieces she would need for marketing.

All branded to be professional, consistent, and made with strategy to sell her premium services. 

The Process

After collaborating on a Pinterest board, we started off with a mood board and nailed down the colors of her brand.

We then started with 3 custom logos for Shawna to chose from. We then did a revision round and a few tweaks to make it perfect for her and her business.
The result? This bad boy.

Hey Hey Shawna May - Logo

After the logo, I went on to make her website and brand collateral pieces so that she could show up in a consistent and professional way throughout every place her business shows up.

These pieces included her Opt-in, Social media templates, podcast graphic template, email header, FB group banner, and some web graphics.

Branding is all about creating a consistent and predictable image of your business. This creates trust and awareness from your followers, which leads to more sales and followers. Hello, organic growth!

Hey Hey Shawna May Brand Collateral

Once my clients website and brand are finished, I deliver them all the files they need along with a typography and brand guide so that they know how to continue making their brand consistent and on point EVERY SINGLE TIME. 

Hey Hey Shawna May Brand Board

The Result

Good bye homemade and pieced together design.

Hello professional, trustworthy, and strategic brand and website that is proven to get you more clients who want to pay you premium prices.  

Here is a peak at her website. Or just click here.

Hey Hey Shawna May Website

Shawna's Results: Her Biggest Month Yet

"This was my biggest month yet, Melissa! I came in a little over 8 thousand dollars. The very same month we launched my new brand and website.”

Cue the tears. I just changed a life doing what I love.

A strategically designed website is crucial for you to be making good profit in your business. It HAS to be what you think about first.

Stop putting it on the backburner.

It’s time to have your best month yet. Your best year yet. Are you ready?

Give me a call here.


A Bit About Shawna

Shawna seriously knows her sales stuff. 

Not only does she have experience in the online world, but she has had two other successful businesses beforehand.

And all with 5 kids under 7! Whew! (And I thought I had my hands full) Check her out at heyhehshawnamay.com.

She also runs a podcast called She Speaks Sales and has a private FB group community here.

When she told me she was going to cry looking at her new brand and website because it was exactly what she wanted, I almost cried too. 

I become a part of your business when you sign with me. And I always carry a piece of your heart and vision afterwards.

Want to see the interview Shawna did of me to explain more of the process of what it looked like to work with me? Check that out here!


Ready to Look Professional and Get More Sales?

Are you sick of wasting time DIY-ing your brand and still feeling like you look homemade? Want your people to take you seriously? Let's talk about how we can do this for you too. Contact me here.