How to Attract Your Ideal Client

Want to attract your ideal client?It’s simple - brand for them.

But... how exactly do you do that?
I’ve listed the steps you should take to make sure your brand is reaching your best clients, so you can be charging what you’re worth doing what you love!



1. Figure Out Who Your Ideal Client Is

To narrow down your ideal client, create a one person avatar to whom you will be speaking to and targeting with all your content, visuals, emails, etc. Make it a detailed profile! You will often find that this avatar is your past self.

Once you’ve created this avatar, don’t be afraid to target just this one profile. You cannot serve everyone. When you try to do that, most people do not resonate with your message since you are trying to talk to anyone and everyone.

Instead, when you focus on reaching your ideal client, plenty of people are going to resonate with you for the right reasons.

Need help getting started? Use this workbook here

2. Brand for Your Ideal Client with Visuals and Content

When choosing elements for your brand visuals, such as colors, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What problem are you going to solve for your ideal client?
  • What colors are they attracted to?
  • What style do they like?

Be sure to use color psychology to understand what colors evoke certain feelings. 

While you certainly want your brand to align with the interests of your target audience, you also want your brand to be authentic to you.

For example, pink is a color that would have worked well for my brand since I worked with only women when I first started. However, I personally do not like the color pink. I do not use it because it is not authentic to me. It also seems like everyone uses that color… so I went a different route. I love my brand because I not only feel like it reaches my ideal clients, but I feel like it’s true to me.

You also need to be talking to your ideal client with your content: emails, FB posts, sales page, website, social media profiles, etc. Show up where they show up. Is this on Pinterest, instagram, or  Facebook?

Narrow your options down to one or two social media platforms and master them. You can’t be everywhere, and your ideal clients will benefit more from amazing content in a few places, than mediocre content in a lot of places.  

3. BE CONSISTENT - In Visuals, Content, and How Often You Show Up

Consistency is key to creating a trustworthy brand with a loyal following, lots of referrals, and repeat customers. Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself or re-use content - your clients probably don’t see ALL your posts on every platform.

Remember, social media is saturated with content! So, you need to be consistently giving value, content and engaging with people. Make sure everything you put out there matches your brand visuals and your story/mission. You do this by sticking to your brand colors, style, and repeat design elements. 

You want to be known for what you do best and how you can help solve your dream clients problems.

Get out there and build your empire!

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