How To Make Sales Easily With Your Website

How To Make Sales Easily With Your Website

The Main Goal for Your Website is to Make Sales for You

Your website is a powerful tool. It has the power to create the perfect atmosphere for easy sales. We can use amazing and strategic design to make it easy for website visitors to make you their choice. But, you have to be able to catch their attention and direct them to the information they want to know most - and fast.

Your website visitors are already warm leads. Something sparked their attention and got them to visit your website. They are curious and want to see how you can help them. Your website’s job is to lead them to where they need to go, and do it in a non-overwhelming way. It should literally act as your best salesman - selling for you when you are not there to speak of how awesome your service or product is - like a perfect extension of you.

It takes people only seconds to decide if they want to stay on your site and explore a bit, or if they want to hit the ‘x’ at the top. So how can we get them to stay?

Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Website

Think about the information they need to see and make it easy for them to find it. People want to be sure that you are the choice for them before they hand over their wallet. So think about the questions they may want answered to rest assured. For example they may want to know:

1. What qualifies you for the product or service you are offering?

Speak of your story, experience, or your degree. Why are you more qualified than someone else to help them? Keep the answer about them and how to solve their problem instead of how amazing you are.

2. Who have you worked with before and what were your client’s results?

A great way to answer this question is through getting testimonials from people who have purchased from you and what they have to say about you or your product. This builds that trust factor. It is just like product reviews that you read from Amazon before purchasing a product. People need to know that others have had a good experience before they purchase.

3. Why are you the right choice for the client?

What makes you different? There are many more people who sell something similar to you, so why should they buy from you? What is unique about you?

For example, anyone can build a website. What makes me different is that I am not just a graphic designer that creates good looking designs. I am a strategic designer that takes marketing into account and how your brand and website will be working on converting and attracting your dream clients.

4. What does the process look like?

Sometimes people are positive that they want to work with you, but the unknown of what the process looks like is holding them back from hitting that purchase button. Let them know how long the process is, how much time it will take to finish their project, etc.

Make it Easy for Your Website Visitors to Say Yes

Remember, your website is a tool to get these warm leads to say yes, and you need to make it easy for them. Your website has a lot of power. It needs to be exactly what they need to see to know you are the right choice and that you can help them.

It’s only one part of the puzzle to have the information on your website. You can have all the right words to say and great testimonials but 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive.

We are visual creatures. We need information to be visually appealing and have supporting visual elements. It helps us focus and remember the information better.

The Effects of Bad Website Design

94% of people cited poor design as the reason they mistrusted or rejected a website.
Ouch. That means that only 6% of people don’t care what your website looks like.

Black text on a white background with a few images here and there, is not going to do much for the visitors.

Branding is all about experience, and people like to enjoy their experience.

If your website looks homemade or outdated, your visitors are not going to take you as the professional that you know you are.

They are subconsciously thinking that you are not a professional, you lack experience, and therefore are not the person for them. Whether these are true or not, this is what they are thinking.

How A Good Brand Experience Leads to More High-End Sales

Take a moment to think about off brand and name brand products. A lot of the times the content is exactly the same thing, but we trust the on brand names more and would rather pay more money for the experience of the name brand and the perceived value of it.

For example, I am trying to drink more water so I am trying to make it fun. So I started buying sparkling water. I have two choices when I go to my grocery store – Pur Aqua and La Croix. I would rather buy La Croix because of the packaging and the experience of it - the brand. Their cans are slim and tall and have pretty red soda tab on the top.

The colors they use are enticing and the words they use to describe their flavors are more interesting. I know they don't taste that different, but the experience of drinking something “high-end” plays a big part in my decision. I would rather pay more than double the money for the La Croix.

Your Website is like the Packaging of Your Business

It’s the same thing with your website. It gives major hints and clues to visitors how high-end you are, how well you will treat them, etc.

When people are making the choice to buy from you, your brand and website are playing a huge part in if they choose to trust you or not.

Sometimes you have all the knowledge needed for a great product or service, but the reason you are not seeing the success you know you are capable of could be because of your lack of strategic and professional branding.

What You Can Do To Fix Your Website

If that is you, let’s get on the phone and see how we can update your branding and website.

I create visually appealing websites designed to convert more visitors to become buyers.

Results of Clients Who Have Revamped Their Website and Brand

One of my previous clients made her biggest month yet (8k), the same month we launched her new brand and website.

The result of making her business and website look the part was more sales with higher end clients.

All we did was design her website that made the choice easy for her clients to pay her premium prices.

We all believe in what we sell, otherwise we would not be doing it. You know the impact it can make on their life.

If your business and website is overwhelming and unattractive, you are letting your visitors get away by hitting the “x” at the top.

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