How to Stay Passionate as An Entrepreneur

Remember when you first started your business? It was all you could think about. It gave you extreme feelings of excitement & nervousness all at the same time. It was the idea that you could not let go. You were setting off to change the world, pursue your dreams, help others, make money, & be successful. You were motivated & enthusiastic. You stayed up to the wee hours of the morning planning, researching & getting stuff done. 

Fast forward to today. Perhaps your passion has diminished to almost nothing. You are no longer motivated to answer emails or get your to-do list done. Instead of getting excited to further your business, you feel like you have no motivation & would rather watch Netflix 24/7 instead.

Before I started implementing these 3 things I am going to discuss today, I was going through one of these times of un-motivation & the blues. My passion was zapped. It came out of nowhere. I am usually an extremely driven, motivated & hard working person. I love crossing things off my to-do list. I hate going to bed knowing that I did not accomplish much. I take pride in getting things done. Then, BOOM. Out of nowhere that passion & drive was diminished. My hardworking spirit left me & was replaced with the pajamas all day & Netflix craving spirit. I knew I needed to do something about it & make sure it did not happen again or at least very often.

So here are some things you can do:


1. Create & Target for Your Target Audience

Do you remember being in school & not minding to do the homework assigned to your favorite subject that you enjoyed? But doing the assignment for the class that you hated (mine was math) was just dreadful & made you hate school entirely? This concept is the same with your business.

If you are not working for the people you love to work with & they are leaving you drained & wondering why you even do what you do in the first place, then you need to rethink who your brand is targeting & who you say yes to. If you need help with who your brand should be targeting, click over to my brand building workbook to get you on the right track! It is totally free.

Let me tell you a little secret. I cannot stand making flyers, billboard designs, or powerpoint presentations. When I first started out with my so-called business, this was about all the work I would get. And I would take it. Because it was a client. Because it was a project. Because it was money. I did not realize the value of my time, my mindset, my passion & my energy. I was not earning much money with these odd jobs & I was working with clients that drained me. I was doubting the Graphic Design degree I worked so hard to get.

Once I niched down to branding (the thing I enjoy the most) & re-branded myself to target my ideal clients, I started LOVING my business & work. I enjoy it so much that sometimes I struggle to get it out of my mind. It became more of my joy rather than my task or project on my to-do list. And it was also a HECK ton more successful.

2. Price Yourself What You are Worth

You need to decide what your time & your energy is worth & stick to it.

If you are underselling yourself then you are not going to get the clients who value what you do. Instead you are going to gain clients who just search for a good deal & most of the time demand a whole lot more than your contract stated you would do for them. So please, please, please my friends. Do not make the mistake of thinking that pricing yourself for what you are worth is going to get you no clients. If you are putting out valuable services or high-quality products, then you WILL get clients. And they will be the right ones.

What fuels your passion is helping people with your services or products & seeing how much they value & appreciate what you do. Experiencing someone who truly values what you do is so rewarding. When you sell cheap services, you have to sell a whole lot more, exert a whole lot more energy & KILL your passion in the process to even come close to the amount of money you would get with just a FEW clients with your services priced correctly. AND, those few clients will keep your passion fueled.

3. Surround Yourself with a Community of Other Entrepreneurs

Ladies, if you do not have a community of like-minded entrepreneur friends who uplift you, celebrate with you, & give advice to you. Please find them. This is so important to the success of your entrepreneur journey.

This ride can get lonely and discouraging at times. Especially when it feels like no one understands what it is like owning your own business and trying to make it grow.

My dear fellow entrepreneur. Don’t let your drive & passion for your business dissipate. Let it thrive. Let it continue & let it grow. Blues are normal. It is a part of the roller coaster ride that we are on. BUT these 3 things will help you from getting your passion zapped altogether. Being an entrepreneur is so rewarding but also HARD work that takes a community to surround you who are like minded. Who get it. Who get YOU. Who can give you advice & point you to resources in tough times. Who can help test out your market.  

And for that reason, I created Beautifully Branded Bosslady Community. Come join us.

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