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Everything you need to create a flourishing and profitable business


Not only do you come out with a custom brand design and highly-functioning website, but you get copywriting support, and marketing design for all your online and/or printing graphic design needs. Think of me as your creative director. I come along side of you and become your business partner. You can bounce ideas off of me, brainstorm ways to get in font of your dream clients, and learn how to implement and grow your brand we have established together. I don't want to give you just a pretty brand. I want to make sure you know how to get your brand working for you.


INVESTMENT: $4200.00

Let's Break it Down


The prepwork

Preparation work is always most important - just like taping off trim when you are painting a room - it is a crucial part in order to come out with a brand both you and your customers will love. I give you several workbooks to work through to get really clear on your passion and purpose behind your business so we can make sure we are branding for exactly who you want to work with. 


Pinterest Collaboration + Moodboard

Think of this part as the rough draft of your brand. We will make sure that we are on the same page before we start the logo design process by collaborating on a Pinterest board where we pin the looks and feels and inspirations of your brand. (Never used Pinterest for this before? Don’t worry. I give you a training video for exactly how and what to pin.) From the pins, I create a mood board for your brand.


Primary + Alternative Logo Desgin

Logo design is almost never perfect in the first try. For this reason, I give you three totally different logo designs that are in unison with the looks and feels that we established in the mood board and workbooks you filled out. From there, we discuss them and pick a direction to revise and perfect to ensure you come out with a logo that is perfect for you and your business.



"A submark is an alternative brand element that is pulled from and inspired from a full logo. In short, it's a variation of your logo. Creating a submark is a great strategy for brands with long brand names, and any brand with a more involved logo design." Having this element established can really set your business apart.


White Version of logo / Watermark

There are times where your logo will need to be on top of images or colored backgrounds. A white version of your logo will be provided in the files I give you in this package deliverables for this reason.


Brand Color Palette

Colors are crucial to brands and how well they are able to make profit. There is such a thing called color psychology and certain colors evoke certain feelings and the right colors can even create more sales! I am fully trained in color psychology, the complex color wheel and will make sure that your brand colors are rememberable, consistent, beautiful, and profit driven.


2 Custom Patterns for your Brand

Patterns are a way to really stand out above all the other brands that are out in the sea of businesses. I create 2 custom patterns to flow effortlessly into your business collateral. I give you some ideas of how to use these repeatable patterns.


Brand Board / Style Guide

A brand board is sort of like a style guide. It lays out the major visual brand elements that come together to create your unique brand. I tell all my clients to print this out and hang it up near your desk where you can see it as you a working on any collateral for your business to ensure it all is cohesive with your brand.


Typography Suggestions + Manual

The pairing of typefaces is not as easy as it looks and the history behind typefaces can also play a major role in what typefaces should be used to ensure that the look and feel you are going, matches up with the type you are using. I’m here to give you the right typefaces to use throughout. You will be left with a manual that gives you direction on how to use them throughout all the platforms you show up on. Details like this makes a crucial difference in whether your brand will be remembered.


Social Media Graphics

Showing up on Social Media is a wonderful way to market yourself. You need to ensure that you are showing up in a way that matches your brand so that you can build your reputation as a professional, expert and trustworthy brand. I give you 3 different graphic templates so that you can edit them and change them up as you go.


Custom Squarespace Web Design and Build

I create and build a website for you through the platform, Squarespace. The platform has beautiful, clean, modern and streamlined designs that is very user and SEO friendly. You get 5 custom pages, a custom email address, freebie design and set-up (to start growing your email list), mobile and desktop versions of your site, with calendar integration available.


Squarespace Trainings

One of the reasons I chose to work with Squarespace is because of how user friendly it is. However, I want you to feel confident in it a possible, since this is YOUR website! After your website is done, I deliver a recorded tutorial with all the things you need to know about keeping your Squarespace site updated after our time together. We also have a call closing our time together where we can share screens and you can ask me anything you want to.


Marketing Collateral

You will get 4 pieces of branded marketing collateral for your business. What we create really depends on your unique business and marketing strategies and needs. This ensures that everything that is linked to your business is branded cohesively and everything on the outside matches the inside.This can include print and/or web collateral. Some examples include, FB Ad designs, Pinterest Graphic templates, FB banners, Business cards, Stationary, Posters, Billboards, Infographics, Thank You Cards, Slide deck tempaltes, etc.


or 3 payments of $1,500